Bonus! : Les paroles inédites de Titanic Overture

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Bonus! : Les paroles inédites de Titanic Overture

Message par Halo Of Flies le Ven 22 Aoû - 20:38

Titanic Overture

Can you see ?
For I know that there is something there
Beyond sight
But I feel it moving in me somewhere
Now the time has come
To know where one don't be afraid to realize it's there, inside of you
It's there inside of you

Is it true
Can you sense the changing in the air ?
Is is you ?
Could it be that you are being aware
Yes, the time has come
Let's show were one don't hold it back, just realize it's there, waiting for you
Realize it's here, realize it's you

We're singing these songs for our pleasure
Yes, we know why but do you
Is it wroth all of your hassel you'll get where your going to

Of course, you'll se all the right places
The lines on your hand prouve you do

Copyright Michael Bruce - 1968
Halo Of Flies
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